About Amie

I’m a writer, theatre maker and workshop facilitator.

Under the umbrella of my theatre company, ‘The 10-33 Project’, I make work that directly engages audiences in ways they are not usually engaged in live performance. I’m interested in making work that opens up questions around gender inequality, homophobia and LGBT+ issues and narratives.

I have previously worked in theatre with GAFA Arts Collective, The Chaosbaby Company, Shaky Isles Theatre and Culturcated.

I run drama sessions at Group 64 in Putney for children aged 4-11 four times a week. I also work for MakeBelieve arts, delivering a creative curriculum. I freelance for Studio Film School, facilitating film making workshops with children and young people. In March 2014 I was delighted to run a feminist writing workshop at RCSSD as part of the WOW festival. I have previously delivered the site-specific undergrad module at PPA in Guildford (Spring 2014.)

I am a founder of The LGBTQ Arts Review, where I manage our ever growing team of interviewers and reviewers and occasionally review and interview myself.  I also write and review for FemaleArts Magazine, Shaky Isles Theatre and have previously written for Diva Magazine.

I have written several short plays and am currently working on my first novel. Key interests for both my fiction and non-fiction writing are LGBT issues, equality, feminism and theatre.

Other than arts I’m also a Diversity role model, and facilitate workshops in schools to tackle homophobic bullying.


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